Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the only thing that matters is just following your heart

So, I had to write a reflective esssay regarding my first semester at college. I didnt really know what to write about so I kinda just rambled. It went like this:

College has been described to me as the time in your life when you will actually find yourself. It’s the time when you discover the person you have become and what you want to achieve with that person. College is almost like a bridge between what you have achieved with your life thus far, and your future. What I didn’t know was the severity of the changes that occur as you come upon that bridge. Of course I knew of the drastic and sudden changes college life may hold but I never really gave it much thought.

All summer long I had been dreading the final move to Morgantown. I have quite a fear of change and I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I imagine it could have been easier had I my best friend Madalyn along with me, but she had waited until the last moment to send her application out. I was completely alone in a new and strange environment. I had some knowledge of the campus, having spent the 2 previous summers in Stalnaker for the WVWriters workshop, but I was still a bit nervous. I was afraid of everything from getting lost to not being able to keep up with my work, and sure enough, I’ve rode the prt to the wrong stations countless numbers of times and I’m still feeling overwhelmed by my work even now. I know now that I was experiencing the same emotions every other freshman was.

After I had gotten used to my new schedule and had found a few old friends I was feeling much more comfortable in my new home. I spent time talking with a friend from high school, Brittanni, and she re-assured my thoughts on being a normal teen entering adulthood. Just about every freshman (and even some higher grads) gets that annoying ‘what am I even doing here?’ thought that makes them question if college is the right place for them to be. In my opinion it’s the best place they could be.

I’m at a point in my life right now where I have absolutely no idea what I want. I’m not even sure what makes me truly happy, but with all the different people and experiences waiting for me to uncover, it’s just a matter of time until I find what it is that I need. The only thing I can do is surround myself with good people who care about me, and take interesting classes I feel I can learn from. My only goal in life is to find happiness. I’m not completely sure what it is that will make me happy but for once in my life I feel that I am on the right path to finding it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Why do the janitors have to wait until noon to clean the bathrooms? I have to pee so ridiculously bad and I'm afraid to go in there because I don't want to bother the cleaning lady...If my bladder ruptures I'm going to sue WVU's mascot because it would be his fault completely. I'm pretty tired right now...I couldnt fall asleep until about 3:37 this morning...then I woke up at 7:00 am for classes. I'm feeling a little less stressed out about college but I still have a shitload of work to turn in for modern literature. I really thought that class would be a little more interesting...oh well, hopefully Russian fairy tales will be better next semester. In other news, I made a facebook account. Not entirely sure why, but it's there nonetheless. I still like mysoace better at the moment...it's a little more personal where as everything on facebook looks the same...but I do like that you can pretty much find ANYONE you could possibly think of. Once I get my check cashed I'm thinking of getting a monroe and a vertical labret...maybe a tattoo...and I'm getting a pixie cut. Hopefully it will look something like this

and no, I will not be wearing that outfit. Overalls are sooo 90's. I'm thinking I want the choppy bangs like this

If you couldnt tell by now I have a pretty big lesbo crush on Winona :D Well, I suppose thats it for now...If something else comes across my mind, I'll be sure to update.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

so far away and i just cant see you

i think i may be failing college at the moment. I'm not doing too great in my classes at the moment and i dont think there's time to make up everything iv'e missed. For a while I got in the habit of not going to class becuase I really didnt see a reason to...then when i realized all the quizes and activites i was missing i was too far behind. Now I have 5 paragraps to write on an asortment of books I havent read, and tests to study for that I have no notes on. It gets a wee bit overwhelming at times. I wish I had some sort of motivation.
I'm done feeling like a whiny pre-teen now :]

blog sounds vaugely toilet related...

So I finally decided to upgrade from livejournal to blogspot. Not that I ever used livejournal...it was pretty much a photoalbum for all my davey pics. But I promise not to bombard this blog with davey images everyday...just occassionaly. But really, who would complain? Everybody loves Davey. Especially me. :]
Well if you couldnt tell by now, I really have nothing to write about. So, uh...guess that's it then.
Btw, I'd like to wish very happy Leif Ericson day to Madalyn. hunga dergen vega shmurgan!